Model / Series

C750-GG (750 MBTU)
C900-GG (900 MBTU)
C1050-GG (1050 MBTU)
C1500H-GG (1500 MBTU)
T2000H-GG (2000 MBTU)
C2500-GG (2500 MBTU)
C3000-GG (3000 MBTU)
C4000-GG (4000 MBTU)




P-K Mach® Dual Fuel Boiler

Many customers have relied on Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley’s P-K MACH® condensing boilers for when they need a condensing boiler that is reliable, efficient and constructed of quality materials. P-K MACH® condensing boilers are an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial and industrial building applications, including new construction as well as retrofit projects. We have recently taken a step to improve on the success of the P-K MACH® boiler.

Introducing NEW P-K MACH® dual fuel condensing boilers: A versatile dual fuel natural gas and propane alternative to the standard line of P-K MACH® condensing boilers. Healthcare facilities need to keep operating no matter what the circumstances. Our P-K MACH® dual fuel condensing boilers help keep you running even in emergency situations. These high efficiency condensing boilers can be changed from natural gas to propane simply by flipping a switch. No need to make any adjustments, just move the lever from one fuel to the other. Discounts for interruptible gas service may also be available in your area, allowing you to save extra money.

  • Switch from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane with the flip of a switch. NO NEED TO MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS
  • Offers two fuel options so the boiler can continue running, even in emergency situations.
  • May be able to take advantage of discounts for interruptible natural gas service.
  • Small footprint to help conserve space in your facility.
  • Reduced NOx emissions help to save the environment. Complies with low NOx standards.
  • Variable speed combustion blower.
  • Dual modulating gas safety shut off / control valves.
  • Aluminum alloy heat exchanger capable of operating in a fully condensing mode.
  • Requires 120 volt electrical connection and less than 15 amps.
  • Intelligent ENVI® control system.

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